Donate To Holy Family - Concord, MA - Online Catholic Giving

Please consider donating to one of our many causes and supporting to work we do at Holy Family's parish. In these difficult times, your charitable gift is need now more than ever. Your gift is a living legacy that signifies your commitment to the work of the Catholic Church.

Holy Family Giving Opportunities

Sunday Giving

The Sunday Offering supports the day-to-day operation of Holy Family's parish and its programs.


Make a one time or annual recurring donation for Thanksgiving. to the Holy Family's Concord chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Youth Ministry

Your donation will go to support Holy Family's youth ministry program.

St. Vincent de Paul Society - Holy Family's Chapter

Make a donation to Holy Family's Concord chapter of St. Vincent DePaul and support the work they do.

Buy A Brick

Make a donation to support Holy Family's building maintenance and heating bills during the cold winter months.